Fitlet Brings Dependable Connectivity to Innovative Fire-Safety Networking Solution

High reliability, powerful compute performance and rich connectivity made Fitlet – the latest generation of Tiny Green PC’s rugged mini computers – the first choice to power the SMaRT interfaces of Drax Technology’s AMX system for centralising control of complex fire and security networks.

Ensuring the safety of people and places in the event of fire is a mandatory mission for managers of buildings or workplaces. Large organisations and sites with multiple buildings must be monitored continuously and tested regularly. Drax Technology’s AMX alarm-management system streamlines these tasks for building operators.

“Professional fire alarm contractors choose our AMX software and SMaRT interfaces to centralise the monitoring and management of multiple alarm systems, which may be installed in a single building, several buildings on a site, or distributed over a wide geographical area,” explains Keith Minster, Product Manager at Drax Technology.

But premises can often have separate fire-monitoring networks using different protocols installed over time by various contractors. AMX can connect and centralise disparate systems which simplifies management, expansion or upgrading of any existing alarm system.

“Our software can work with many types of systems, which communicate data in a variety of differing formats,” comments Keith “and bring all the information together, presented in a single, coherent and easy to understand user interface.”

SMaRT Interface with Fitlet

AMX software runs on a dedicated PC and can interpret the data from a wide variety of systems. Security or safety personnel in a central control room can monitor the status of the entire fire-safety infrastructure in real-time. They can isolate devices, identify faults and access control panels remotely.

AMX maintains an electronic log of events such as alarms, tests and maintenance, and generates reports that help verify maintenance is being carried out correctly and demonstrate compliance with legal obligations.

Each individual fire system is connected to the central AMX computer by a SMaRT interface unit. The computer at the heart of this unit is Fitlet, an ultra-small fanless computer the size of your hand, packing a powerful 1GHz AMD A4 quad-core CPU and extensive connectivity, chosen for its ease of use, small size and excellent reliability.

The Fitlet communicates with the central computer over the building’s existing IT infrastructure, using standard TCP/IP over Ethernet for simplicity and convenience.

Chosen on Merit, and Track Record

SMaRT interfaces were originally controlled by FitPC – a tough UCFF powered by Intel CPU. When Tiny Green PC updated its range to incorporate a new generation of micro pc with AMD processors as well as new high-speed interfaces such as USB 3.0, Drax found Fitlet to be the best choice in the market. “We evaluated potential alternatives, which have entered the market since we first chose the FitPC,” comments Keith.

“Obviously, reliability and quality are extremely important to us, as this is a life-safety application. Fitlet is robust and reliable, just like the FitPC, with all the connectivity we need, and a convenient 12V DC input that works well with our existing power supply and backup battery.

It was also the only computer we could find that meets all our requirements and comes with a suitable bracket to enable straightforward and secure attachment in our enclosure. We chose Fitlet based on its own technical merits, as well as our previous positive experiences with FitPC.”

“We also know that we can rely on direct answers to any questions we have with TinyGreenPC, and overall, Fitlet is easy to design in, easy to use, and simply works,” verifies Drax’s Keith Minster. “It’s completely dependable, and provides 100-percent peace of mind for us and our customers.”

About Drax Technology

Drax Technology supplies the AMX alarm-management system throughout the UK, Europe, and further afield such as the Middle East and India, through accredited distributors and fire-safety specialists. Drax’s Keith Minster estimates that over 400 SMaRT interfaces are currently in service.

A recent major project installed more than 20 interfaces in a prison in the north west of the UK to monitor both fire and general alarm systems. In the last year, Drax has also provided SMaRT interfaces for use in Bath and Coventry Universities, and Imperial College in central London, to expand large AMX systems already monitoring thousands of smoke and heat sensors via dozens of fire alarm control panels.

About Tiny Green PC

Tiny Green PC delivers long term computing solutions for B2B companies across Europe thanks to its experienced team and comprehensive portfolio of fanless and compact PCs including the class-leading computers Intense PCTM, Fit PCTM, Fitlet and Airtop.

Adding value through custom design and configuration services, software integration, installation and financing, Tiny Green PC helps companies find the right hardware to power, connect, control, secure or display their project and improve their installation with reliable computers for CCTV, networking, industrial applications and business computing – making great long-term commercial sense.

Tiny Green PC is a trading division of Anders Electronics plc and is headquartered in London. For further information, please visit www.tinygreenpc.com


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