Hobs On-Site extended contract to supply FTSE250 global engineering company

A recent survey by Hobs On-Site has revealed that companies are saving up to 30% of the cost of running a print room, by adopting new flexible methods of working and outsourcing their print room functions.

As well as the savings, the outsourcing has opened up access to a world of new technologies by integrating non-print related services such as 3D printing, 3D scanning and cloud-based collaboration tools.  As well as the expected cost savings, this ‘hub and spoke’ approach to service delivery has ancillary benefits such as reducing carbon footprint where services like digital mailrooms are helping organisations move towards paperless offices.

This extended service range has been the differential in Hobs On-Site securing a contract with an FTSE 250 Global engineering company.  As well as a £5M saving, the new range of services has broadened the creativity of the organisation, improved service quality and increased reliability through contingency and over-flow planning.

Hobs On-Site is a leading provider of on-site integrated Document Management and Information Solutions, Managed Print Rooms, Managed Print Services, Document Control, Managed Post Rooms, Creative Design and Consultancy services.  The company has an impressive history of retaining clients, with over 60% working with them for over 10 years across multiple contract renewals. Visit www.HobsOnSite.com or call 0151 709 1344 for more info.

 Case Study – How Hobs On-Site saved a client £250k in capital expenditure

An NHS client had an urgent need to restructure its document support services, to achieve cost savings and service improvements.  Over time and due to a lack of cohesive document management strategy, the services for the client had developed into three separate Print Rooms, across three locations.  With each Print Room managed independently to the others, the entire operation lacked synergy and was therefore both wasteful and expensive.

Simon Kelly

At the same time the client urgently needed to make substantial capital investment in equipment, process and technology and it faced an issue with unmanaged external print spend, using an array of unauthorised and unvetted print vendors.

Working in partnership with a leading Total Facilities Management company, Hobs recommended the radical restructure of the current operation, to provide a central on-site satellite Print Room and a Print Management team.

The satellite Print Room is tasked with short-run, quick turn-around work, undertaken through a core team and distributed across each campus, by the client’s transport team.

The Print Management team is tasked with the management of all work that couldn’t be undertaken by the satellite Print Room.  Using a selected base of suitable and vetted external suppliers, this team takes all client requests, and firstly make recommendations as to the best production approach and then secure three quotations before managing the work through to completion.

Key benefits of the Hobs On-Site Print Room were the removal of the need for the client to undertake £250/300k in capital expenditure, the use of industry experts to manage, develop and improve the current service, providing an improved service structure which increased operational, staff and equipment efficiencies.  The client also benefited from a professional and experienced approach to the TUPE transfer and on-going management and development of the existing staff.

Managing Director of Hobs On-Site, Simon Kelly, comments, ‘Cost savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds are not unusual for companies that outsource their print room, but other benefits that clients experience with us are the improvement in service and quality and ultimately the removal of the need to manage these services in house.’

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