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How to outperform the specialists and save with smarter and better cleaning methods

In-house teams and general cleaning contractors can out-do the specialists by embracing new and more cost-effective techniques for a range of tasks, according to Denis Rawlins Ltd.

The Sutton Coldfield cleaning consultant and equipment supplier specialises in identifying systems and techniques that pass its ‘return on innovation’ test. These must achieve both superior cleaning results and a faster return on investment.

Visitors to the Facilities Show can learn about a range of low-cost yet high-performing cleaning systems. On Stand T730 at Excel, Rawlins is showcasing two products that tackle challenging tasks often left to specialists: high-level cleaning and escalators.

  • REN Clean is a simple, yet highly effective manual cleaning system for escalators.
  • SpaceVac makes it easy for workers at ground level to clean high-level areas thoroughly and safely.

“These systems empower non-specialist cleaning teams to complete challenging cleaning tasks more cost-effectively than other methods,” says James White, MD of Denis Rawlins Ltd. “This isn’t innovation for its own sake or about adopting the latest hi-tech gadgetry – it’s a way to take control of quality, increase efficiency, and achieve a rapid return on investment.”

With REN Clean, one person can clean an escalator or travelator in minutes. An engineered sponge pad held against the comb plate automatically removes soils and grease from oncoming treads. This is a low-cost system that uses reusable pads.

REN Clean, which can also clean risers, integrates escalators into routine cleaning, avoiding the cost, disruption and abrasive effects of more expensive, specialist cleaning equipment.

SpaceVac, meanwhile, avoids the need for powered access equipment or scaffolding, and the associated risk, disruption and costs.

Operators can clean up to 16 metres high from the ground level using super-lightweight carbon-fibre poles and cleaning accessories.

An additional wireless videocam allows the operative – or a supervisor viewing a recording – to monitor results.

SpaceVac is compatible with standard vacuums and ATEX-certified safe for use in explosive environments with combustible dusts.

Denis Rawlins Ltd offers free demonstrations of these and other cleaning solutions. Don’t forget to drop by Stand T730 to collect your personal copy of our ‘Return on Innovation” catalogue.

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