HygroMatik’s DDS: Bringing intelligence and energy efficiency to pressurised steam

The new pressure steam system DDS from HygroMatik is an energy efficient air humidification option for industrial settings. Pressurised steam networks are often used for standard process and procedures in facilities and production areas. DDS can be connected to these networks to allow the steam to be used for humidification as well.

Humidity is important for healthy indoor climates. Getting the level wrong can lead to health issues for employees. It’s also crucial for controlling sensitive processes and optimising product quality. By using pre-existing networks, DDS helps humidify the air using existing steam, minimising energy consumption.

DDS comes in two versions to adapt to different applications. In most areas DDS variant C will meet the requirements for integration into an overall system. However if you require stringent hygiene regulations, for example with hospitals or laboratories, pure steam is necessary which DDS variant A will deliver.

Efficiency is key

For many similar systems, excess condensate reduces efficiency. However, the HygroMatik pressure steam system DDS is equipped with steam lance heating piping which keeps condensate to a minimum. By locating the heating system at the lowest point of the steam lance, any excess condensate is immediately drained via a thermal steam trap.

Easy to install, easy to maintain

The DDS is designed for simple installation in any existing pressurised steam network, facilitated by components that have a low net weight, compact dimensions and standard flanged connections. Additionally, its internal heating system and 90o angled mounting option means space can be saved for other things.

Once the DDS system is installed, it’s important to keep it working efficiently. Fortunately it requires minimal maintenance. The steam lances and strainers are made from high-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing a long service life. The strainer is also easily replaceable so you don’t need to replace the whole system.

Precision control

It’s important for users to have control over their humidity, which is why the DDS is designed to grant as much control as possible. It has a bus-capable actuator, granting optimum automatic control through direct connection without an adaptor. Likewise, the system comes with a special HygroMatik control valve which gives the user maximum control over steam levels.

For those who are looking to have even greater command over their systems, DDS has optional accessories. Shut-off valves can be installed to ensure that steam flow can be completely cut off if necessary, while a manometer can give a clear display of the current operating pressure.

For more information on the new pressure steam system DDS, please visit our website.

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