iLockerz secure, track and manage shared portable equipment

The innovative iLockerz systems are available in 3 configurations and are designed to save the time and money that is wasted when keys, laptops, tablets and valuable equipment is missing. The Keytracker and iLockerz product range allows your establishment to offer effective laptop loans, secure BYOD storage, charging facilities, and automated key management 24 hours a day, ensuring that your important portable assets are always accounted for.

Within the modern building, intelligent keyless lockers that are used for the secure storage and charging of mobile phones, tablets, wearables and other similar devices, are proving to be a great asset. Not only do these charging stations work brilliantly in conjunction with bring your own device policies but they also serve as the perfect secure location for visitors and guests to safely store personal luggage and electronic equipment within.

BYOD or Bring Your Own Devices lockers are central storage lockers and phone charging stations. These lockers have electronically operated locker compartments that allow users to secure and charge personal devices such as mobile phones or laptops in for short periods of time. These intelligent locker systems are often used in conjunction with Bring Your Own Device policies or in communal spaces to enhance visitor experience and increase safety.

Intelligent BYOD lockers are simple electronic lockers that can be used by visitors, staff, students, and guests etc to securely store and charge personal devices and other equipment for a short period of time. Accessed by using the touch screen control panel, iLockerz give simple step by step instructions that allow a user to gain access to a locker before offering a secure pin code or fingerprint that ensures that only they may retrieve their personal valuables once they are ready.

Not only do iLockerz BYOD systems save valuable space, increase dwell time in chosen locations, offer additional revenue streams (if required) and information portals, but they also ensure that users have fully charged devices at all times whilst increasing security and safety on your site.

BYOD lockers may be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate all types of equipment, with a whole host of in-locker charging options, access methods or user payment methods are also available.

iLockerz are also available as RFiD intelligent lockers that track and manage the use of shared portable equipment. Typically used to implement laptop loans, radio handset management, drug pack issue/returns, tool and harness tracking and much more, the iLockerz RFiD lockers and cabinets allow your organisation to securely and effectively manage the assets, objects and equipment that is of high importance to its effective operation.

RFiD enabled lockers, cabinets and storage areas are accessed by entering a pin code into the touch screen control panel or by swiping at the reader below it. The iLockerz software will then scan the in-built database and swiftly establish the permission rights of the individual. Should the user be authorised to remove equipment from iLockerz at that time, access will be granted.

Upon retrieval of an asset, the smart lockers automatically record a unique time and date stamp alongside a colour photograph of the user that was granted access. Through the use of pioneering RFiD technology, the iLockerz will also recognise each of the assets stored individually within and therefore log those that leave against the user’s account on both the touch screen and web based software. This information is then stored, and may be retrieved at any time remotely over Wi-Fi, an internal LAN network or via the touch screen control panel. 

What is RFiD?

RFiD stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. RFiD consists of an antenna and a small chip known as an RFiD tag. The job of the tag is to contain data (in iLockerz case a unique serial number) that can be recorded against a piece of equipment within the iLockerz software, and the job of the antenna is to emit radio waves, and then receive the signals back from the tags to be able to feed the software with current location and status information.

Keytracker locker systems are available on a purchase, lease or hire basis.

To see how the Keytracker locker systems can work for your business you can arrange a no-obligation demonstration at your premises by calling the team on 0121 559 9000, emailing the team on or visiting online.

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