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Is using recycled plastic in construction the answer to saving the earth?

The sad truth about plastic waste is that, for far too long now, it is still largely burnt, landfilled, or scattered into our landscapes and oceans. However, HAHN Plastics have been battling this waste for over 25 years now, through the development of high-quality recycled plastic products created with our own unique raw material – hanit®.

hanit® is made from 100% recycled plastics that last a lifetime! It is estimated that in western industrialised countries, every person generates around 37 kilos of plastic waste each year. Last year alone, HAHN Plastics produced around 55 million kilos of recycled plastic products from plastic waste that is collected from bins. That’s the same as six Eiffel Towers!

Across 8 locations in Europe and North merica, we offer a range of over 2,000 hanit® products that are durable, eco-friendly, simple to process and extremely economical. hanit® Foundation Pads are a great example of this. 

hanit® Foundation Pads can take heavy loads, survive on-site drops and scrapes, and can be easily stored anywhere. Produced for secure and easy stacking, they can be used as single pads or securely stacked and reinforced with rods. They’re virtually unbreakable and available to hire or purchase.

Made of our super strong hanit®, our Foundation Pads are 100% recycled plastic, re-useable, weatherproof, and perhaps most importantly, are entirely recyclable. They’re ideal for supporting or levelling shipping containers, temporary offices, mobile homes and other structures. 

Lighter than concrete and more durable than wood – choosing hanit® is a no brainer!

Why hanit®?

For us, recycling is a serious business and a labour of love. Our environmentally friendly processes make attractive and practical things out of waste plastic packaging. We turn bottle tops into a park bench that will last for decades.

Our commitment to the environment is matched by our 400 staff – all dedicated recyclers. Because where waste cannot be avoided, recycling is the solution. So always choose products out of recycled materials wherever possible, and always separate your rubbish carefully.

Together, we can make a big difference!

For more information on HAHN Plastics’ range of outdoor furniture and groundwork products, contact 0161 850 1965 or visit www.foundationpads.com

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