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ITS helps keep the lights on at Lyco with new data recovery products

Retailer Lyco was established in 1995 and has grown to become the UK’s premier lighting company. It sells over 4,500 lighting products, for commercial and domestic use, within the EU, and is currently planning an expansion to a second warehouse. The company differentiates itself by providing the latest products from around the world at competitive prices, coupled with award-winning customer service. ITS provides helpdesk, onsite IT support, and manages software licenses and business continuity through its BlackVault and BlackCloud solutions.


As a Managed Services customer of ITS since 2009, Lyco had built up a significant amount of trust in its IT partner. Rapid expansion, increasing stock and product lines, and a growing customer base contributed to an exponential growth in business data. Lyco turned to ITS when a solution was required to store this increased amount of data, both onsite and offsite.

Protecting the data as well as having confidence in the ability to recover data in a timely fashion was a key business objective, as was the need to provide a constant online service to customers. By securely locating data across multiple sites, the business could continue to run regardless of circumstances. In any disaster situation, customer facing and internal systems, applications and data needed to be recoverable in a secure alternate environment.

Lyco required data to be vaulted securely over the internet to a third-party location that met and/or exceeded its due diligence and privacy requirements, as well as an appliance onsite for rapid local recovery, and 24/7 support with a one hour response time. The company also targeted a reduction in recovery times from less than eight hours to less than two hours over a stable secure connection, significantly minimising the potential risk of data loss, as well as operational downtime.

Although an existing backup solution and USB discs had served Lyco well previously, the IT team was not confident that the solution in place was backing up business critical systems correctly and consistently. The inability to back up data to a secure third-party location was leaving the retailer at risk, and there were constant service drop outs due to a poor connection between Lyco and the existing data storage facility. In spite of a recovery time reduction to five hours with the existing solution, Lyco wanted the ability to recover data within one hour or less.


ITS provided Lyco with a robust recovery solution for any disaster situation through the implementation of two new IT services, BlackCloud and BlackVault.

BlackCloud offered a fully managed private cloud that enabled Lyco to replicate data to an offsite location. While BlackVault provided a comprehensive onsite disaster recovery platform that created a secure virtual environment, giving Lyco quick and easy access to servers as necessary.

As the solutions were brand new to the market, although successfully tried and tested in the US, an expert team from ITS’ US parent company Rentsys travelled to the UK to assist the implementation and train Lyco’s team.

ITS ensured that the correct IT and networking infrastructure, documentation, procedures and processes were in place. As the US team was instrumental to the implementation, it worked to FEIEC regulatory standards, which ensured that data is handled according to stringent guidelines used by US financial institutions.

BlackCloud provided data de-duplication, and encryption in transit and at rest, so storage space is not wasted on duplicated data nor transferred in an insecure manner. It also reduced the risk of data loss and enabled rapid data vaulting and recovery from any location with a suitable secure Internet connection. Vaults are fully automated, and Lyco is now able to quickly restore its IT systems held within BlackCloud onto standby servers.

Data vaults are now securely and consistently stored offsite, and there is no need for Lyco to use an external hard drive or USBs, and remove these offsite as an additional backup method. As ITS provided a fully managed service, restoration of data and monitoring of the vaulting jobs are automatically in place with the ITS team ready to assist regardless of minor vaulting failure or full disaster scenarios.

For onsite storage, the Black Vault Managed Recovery Platform provided Lyco with peace of mind and consisted of core service components: BlackVault Vaulting, BlackVault Recovery and BlackVault Archive.

Mark Staffiere, IT Director, Lyco: “Now that we have onsite and remote back up, we are confident that our data can be recovered quickly, while our IT team can focus on core business and strategic projects. ITS really is helping us to keep the lights on 24/7 – they managed the whole process, they understand our business requirements and ensured these were met.”

  • Lyco was able to outsource disaster recovery, vaulting and archiving of data in its entirety to a single, trusted partner
  • Peace of mind – insurance policy protecting a growing business
  • Recovery time according to SLA – BlackVault recovery service provided 1.5tb data less than four hour local recovery, less than eight hour cloud recovery – in working hours (30 day retention period)
  • Consolidated, secure vaulting
  • Access to global expertise with over 10 years’ experience in Disaster Recovery
  • A fully monitored and manned solution
  • 24/7 356 days support
  • Ability to have key workers working from home if disaster strikes

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