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It’s time to improve your Facilities Effectiveness

Opale Management Services Ltd (Opale) as an independent Workplace and Facilities Management Consultancy practice launches the R4 Operating Scheme; specifically focusing on the improving the “Effectiveness” of workplace and FM platforms and functions.

The Right capabilities using the Right intelligence to make the Right decisions at the Right time (R4) focuses on the “Effectiveness” of the Workplace and FM platform/function. 

A 10% improvement in the “Effectiveness” increases Workplace and FM responsiveness exponentially, is a precursor to effective risk management, significantly reduces waste and positively impacts or avoids costs of by up to 30%.

The impacts of the Covid challenge for Workplace and FM are still very evident, but coupled with the significant major economic pressures faced by business, a more effective Workplace or FM platform/ function organisation is crucially important.

“At Opale we have always sought to be innovative in our approach and thinking, deploying techniques, tools and systems not known to Workplace and FM and we have used these capabilities across the blue chip and international clients we have worked with. R4 is our latest and perhaps most exciting.” 

Neil Longley – Managing Director.

Opale is a valued and totally independent Workplace and FM advisory practice of 30 years standing. It is knowledgeable, innovative, focused and able to anticipate client requirements and bring forward solutions that match their needs. Opale ensures that the solution delivers results above and beyond expectations. The R4 Operating Scheme is one such solution. 

R4 is simple to understand and has a single and sharp focus of improving “Effectiveness”; but is underpinned by a very detailed supportive infrastructure that enable existing Workplace and FM platforms to increase their “Effectiveness”.

The R4 Operating Scheme considers the entire Workplace and FM platform of any organisation. The

platform being both the internal client organisation and supply chain deployed in the delivery of Workplace and FM provision.

R4 is designed to provide any platform or function (or indeed any part of that platform or function) with the capabilities, tools procedures and systems to measure its own effectiveness; identify how to improve that effectiveness; and release the benefits of that improved effectiveness.

The R4 Operating Scheme, can be an internally and self-deployed programme or project, or can be

facilitated by a third party and follows 3 simple steps:

Poor decision making costs money and time and as we now emerge from Covid, the decisions we make will shape the “new norm” for FM and workplace. Visit: opale.co.uk or call 01252 861600

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