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Langley offers solution to efficiently address failing single ply

The life of failing single ply and EPDM roofs can be significantly improved with a dependable, durable and cost-effective solution, that overcomes conventional limitations and issues.

Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd’s SCR Alliance resilient separation layer membrane creates a protective barrier enabling the roof to be safely upgraded and overlaid (survey dependant) with new waterproofing without the need to strip the existing covering, minimising disruption and impact on the environment with waste to landfill mitigated. 

A fleece-backed bituminous membrane, SCR Alliance acts as a separation layer, eliminating the risk of incompatibility between plasticides found within single ply and EPDM materials and the new Reinforced Bituminous membrane (RBM) overlay system. It means roofs can be upgraded and made weathertight all year round, overcoming the seasonal temperature installation considerations inherent with liquid alternatives. It also more easily addresses roof design, particularly those with penetrations and detailing. It eliminates the potential impact of odour on building occupants often associated with liquid systems  specifically when the building is still in use during the refurbishment. 

SCR Alliance can be mechanically-fixed over existing single ply on a range of structural deck types, whether on  educational, residential, healthcare, commercial or industrial estates. When Langley’s RBM systems are installed on top of SCR Alliance, the roof’s lifespan is independently certified via the BBA to achieve at least 40 years.

Like all Langley’s products and systems, SCR Alliance can only be installed by a Langley Approved Contractor, validating the quality of workmanship.

“It’s about achieving best value,” explains Langley’s Regional Manager Mike Preston. “The combination of SCR Alliance and our TA range of RBM systems means surveyors, consultants, building operators and owners can quickly, and with minimal disruption, replace a leaking, failing single ply or EPDM roof with a watertight solution that will last, on average 25% longer. Than the leading liquid solutions on the market. When installed by one of our Approved Contractors, the solutions has the added value of being independently guaranteed, thereby giving a single source of accountability and complete peace of mind for the materials, the design and the workmanship.” 

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