LCC Support Services backs Living Wage

LCC Support Services Ltd., the national independent cleaning and support services business, is backing the Living Wage Foundation and its hourly rates on all 2015 tenders.

The Company is providing every new tender with the requested competitive quote and a second tender based on the Living Wage programme. This allows clients to make their own decisions on hourly rates based on their individual beliefs and corporate consciences.

Bob Vincent, Executive Chairman of LCC said: “Since joining the Living Wage programme we have had little client objection to paying a Living Wage rate which we believe is the right of all hard working staff.

There are two reasons why we have for many years supported the concept of ‘a fair wage for a fair day’s work’. Everyone should live above the breadline and it is good business sense for service providers. Happy employees work better than the unhappy. Being fair starts with the employer and the employee usually responds.

We benefit by retaining staff longer so we reduce training and recruitment costs and clients receive continuity of quality service and staff going the extra mile.”

According to KMPG the number of UK employees paid less than the Living Wage in 2014 is now running at 22%, up 1% on the 2013.   The cleaning industry is one of the most ‘fair wage’ conscious business sectors with over 25 cleaning contractors joining the programme. Minimum wage rates are £7.85 nationally and £9.15 for London.

Bob said: “Cleaning and hygiene standards required today the highest ever and to maintain them cleaning should be regarded as important as any other profession. I urge all cleaning and FM contractors to join this excellent programme.”

For further information on LCC Support Services please contact: LCC on 01277 268899., or

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