MagnatechLED introduces a new range of linear high bay lights for industrial applications.

Energy reduction is especially a priority in high bay applications due to the  numbers of luminaires required to cover the expansive space and relatively high wattages typically involved to deliver adequate illuminance from a high mounting height. 

With the increasing costs on energy consumption, an inefficient facility is at a competitive disadvantage when lighting becomes a drain on resources. Furthermore, light can significantly affect productivity and safety in working spaces, therefore further considerations should be taken into account when switching to LEDs and provide sufficient light levels that allows each task to be completed at the desired speed with accuracy and safety.

Magnatech LED has now expanded the family of industrial lighting solutions with a new line of linear highbays specifically designed for storage facilities with high racking. The new Sagitta is supplied with power range from 50W to 300W with different options for both symmetric and asymmetric pattern for an even distribution of light over aisles and along shelves. The sturdy extruded aluminium housing provides excellent heat transfer to the LEDs for a better performance and reliable operation for more than 50.000 hours. Available with options of surface mounting brackets or suspended mounting.

The Sagitta is compatible with the Magnatech LED range of dimming motion sensors and adaptive lighting systems. 

With the introduction of a new family of linear lighting fittings MagnatechLED aims at offering a reliable and cost  effective solution along with 5 years warranty and with full back-up technical support from its own manufacturing plant located in Cambridge. 

For more info on all MagnatechLED products please contact the office at sales@magnatechled.co.uk

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