MagnatechLED launches new streetlight head with programmable dimming motion sensor

The MagnatechLED range of Areolite-26 LED street light heads is now available with a multi-step dimming microwave sensor offering considerable energy saving in areas where full level is only required when movement is detected either by people or vehicles.

The sensor can be pre-programmed before delivery and the optional remote controller also allows the luminaire to be programmed and re-programmed in situ.

Settings include daylight sensor lux level for automatic turn on/off, full power hold time after trigger, dimming level, and standby time for dimmed level before turning off. The sensitivity level of the sensor can also be set to prevent unwanted triggering.

The sensor version of the Areolite-26 is suitable for mounting height of up to 15m.

With powers available from 20W to 200W the Areolite-26 is suitable for a wide range of applications including footpaths and pedestrian areas, roadway lighting for residential areas, industrial areas, retail parks, hospitality and public facilities such as hospitals and car parks both large and small.

Where movement detection is not required the Areolite-26 can be fitted with a NEMA or Zhaga socket which can be used for industry standard photocells for automatic on/ off or dimming functions.

Features of the Areolite-26 include a tool-less opening waterproof driver compartment, toughened class cover to IK09, high brightness Lumileds SMD LED chips and changeable PC lens for differing beam patterns.

The case is manufactured from die cast aluminium with a powder coated finish. Salt resistant finish is also available. The smooth finish avoids build-up of dust, dirt and bird droppings.

The mounting spigot is adjustable for both horizontal and post top mounting with an adjustment angle of ±15°.

Spigots are available for 34mm, 48mm, 60mm and 76mm diameter arms and posts.

All Areolite-26 street lights are fitted with a 10kV surge protection device (SPD), high quality IP67 Sosen driver (other brands available by request), a safety power disconnect switch when the cover is opened and quick connect Wago type connectors for ease of use.

MagnatechLED also manufactures a wide range LED floodlights for indoor and outdoor sport lighting as well as linear hibay lighting for industrial applications.

All of MagnatechLED products are offered with standard 5 years warranty and full technical back up from the factory in UK.

For more information please contact MagnatechLED sales department by email at sales@magnatechled.co.uk

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