New Filter for Small Aquatics

Evoqua’s new Defender® FP-Series regenerative media filter has been designed to meet the needs of swim schools, health clubs and other small to medium size commercial aquatics venues. Due to its unique PowerBumpTM System, the Defender FP filter produces up to 90% less wastewater than a traditional sand filter – saving both water and energy in a footprint 75% smaller. It achieves filtration to 1µm – a factor of 20 better than sand filters meaning coagulant dosing is not required and operators can benefit from up to a 30% reduction in chemicals. The Defender FP filter is fabricated from corrosion resistant, light weight glass fibre reinforced plastic for ease of installation maintenance. When used in conjunction with the Evoqua Wafer® UV generator, the Defender FP filter gives chemical free, enhanced pathogen inactivation and provides cleaner, safer water for an enhanced swimmer experience. Click here to learn more or call +44 (0) 1732 771777 for more information. 

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