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New partnership between 4 Cladding Services, Liftroller & Industar

Liftroller has partnered with 4 Cladding Services & Industar. They will bring Liftroller’s innovative material-loading products to the UK market. Making them available to hire as well as buy.

The Bergen-based Liftroller has a suite of products. They make loading and unloading building materials into city projects easier. They also make it much safer.

The orange Liftroller platforms allow cranes & telehandlers to place loads onto them. You can then roll the loads into the building using the E Wagon.

What is the Liftroller system?

The Liftroller system is modular in its approach to safety and includes:

  • Liftroller Wall – a landing platform to get material in and out of high-rise windows
  • Liftroller Table – a limitless extension to the Liftroller Wall to create storage & unloading bays within the building
  • Liftroller E Wagon – a remote control-operated trolley for moving goods around the site

As well as the above, Liftroller have developed the Liftroller Floor.

This is a landing platform for use on new build sites where you are not restricted to window and aperture openings.

How can Liftroller benefit me?

The Liftroller is the most effective way of getting large volumes of materials into buildings with multiple storeys. The materials usually arrive by crane lorry in any case, so instead of temporarily storing them on the ground or hoisting them onto a goods trolley, it is much quicker to move the materials directly from the back of the lorry straight through a window on the destination floor.

With the Liftroller you simply use existing openings in the façade. On renovation projects, you do not have to cut large openings or expand window apertures to get materials on site.

Don’t forget, when using an outside construction lift you often have to wait your turn until the lift is free. That takes up unnecessary time.

How long does Liftroller take to install?

The Liftroller is made from aluminium and is therefore both sturdy and light.

It is made up of 10 components which on their own are easy to carry to the floor where they will be used.

Assembly takes less than half an hour. It is so simple that you do not have to hire an external installer.

Bet it costs a fortune?

Taking a real-life example…

Before a contractor started using Liftroller, they were using a construction lift which could carry 32 plasterboard sheets and 2 people.

In addition, the contractor had 4 operatives on the ground floor, plus 4 workers on the upper floor where the plasterboard was destined to be.

32 plasterboard sheets were shifted every 10 minutes by 10 workers.

With Liftroller: 80 sheets are shifted in 10 minutes by 2 workers.

This is resulted in saving 192 hours that could be spent fitting the sheets rather than carrying them.

But what about larger refurbishment projects?

Imagine having to load 2,800 packs of building material up 3 stories for a building conversion project.

Before using Liftroller, it took around 20 minutes for each pack of materials to reach their required destination.

Why 20 minutes?

Three workers per pack of materials were needed due to steep ramps to and from the lift.

They often had to wait for the lift to be freed up before they could move their materials.

With Liftroller, the contractors saved 2,520 hours.

So, who are 4 Cladding Services & Industar?

For over 20 years, 4 Cladding Services found success representing VIAVAC Vacuum Lifting BV by hiring and selling vacuum lifters. These include composite sandwich panel vacuum lifters and glass vacuum lifters.

The business now operates a hire fleet of over 200 vacuum lifters. This experience provides a great foundation. The Liftroller rental fleet can grow in the UK on the back of this platform.

Industar on the other hand represents Verhagen Leiden BV electric tow tugs here in the UK. These products are designed to increase safety and make it easier to move heavy & bulky loads around workplaces & construction sites.

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