One training solution but not a one-size-fits-all approach

In the complex and hectic world of FM, busy managers seek a simple and efficient solution to sourcing the full training provision for their entire workforce. With such a wide range of courses available, finding the right options (at the right price) can be challenging.

Many busy organisations who need to ensure all staff are competent in their specific job role, rely on brokers to manage their full training requirement. But providing a complete training solution brings its own challenges, so how can you be sure that your broker fully understands the needs of your business and each of your employee’s competencies? Not to mention their suppliers’ competencies and methods of quality control?

Following our recent acquisition of SERAC UK, we are rolling out our own “one stop shop” to some of our multi – sited customers who require a consistent and efficient training service across multiple UK sites. In our experience, to be effective, the appointed training supplier must always be prepared to learn and invest time in integrating with your business. When it comes to training, relevance is key – one size does not fit all.

We believe it’s most vital that the coordinators who arrange training for your business have a comprehensive understanding of any training courses or qualifications offered. Always ask how they achieve this and how this is fed through to your teams.

We’ve prepared a quick fire checklist of must-ask questions when recruiting a training provider:

  • What systems do you use?
  • What are your quality control methods for those systems and processes?
  • What accreditations or standards do you work to and what accreditations do you yourselves hold?
  • How often do you complete supplier audits and what are your methods of association with a provider?
  • How will our business work with you and what are the communication channels?
  • How will you demonstrate visibility of learner outcomes?
  • What methods of evaluation do you use and how are the results reviewed and actioned?
  • Why do you feel that you are the best provider for our business?
  • Who will manage and coordinate our training requirements? (always aim for a small pool of contacts but more than just one; this can limit your service provision)
  • Commercials – check costs, terms and conditions, invoicing and the release of certification

A good provider should be able to answer all these questions and give you confidence that your business’ unique needs will be met, if not exceeded.

With competence now a real priority for businesses and managers already struggling for time in busy working days, the right provider can make all the difference.

For more information on Mentor’s complete training, qualification and assessment solution, please call 01246 555222.


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