OPEX Introduces Falcon™

The Universal Scanning Workstation

OPEX Corporation has proudly announced the addition of its latest mixed document capture workstation, Falcon™, to its family of prep-reducing scanners. Falcon combines OPEX’s innovative one-step drop feed scanning with the performance of a high-capacity production scanner, providing the only universal document scanning workstation on the market. From document conversion services and mobile scanning operations, to wholesale lockboxes and digital mail centres, Falcon has been designed to attack the most difficult workflow challenges.

“The introduction of Falcon solidifies OPEX as the front runner in efficient document scanning. From our patented drop feed technology to meeting the needs of traditional high-capacity stack feed scanning, Falcon provides, on one device, a universal scanning platform. In terms of its overall versatility, Falcon will be, for many operations, the only scanner they will ever need.” Scott Maurer, President of OPEX International.

Falcon allows operators to prep and scan documents at a faster rate than most current prep only processes. This significantly reduces costs associated with preparing documents for scanning.   In addition, Falcon offers four versatile feeder options: drop-feeder, packet feeder, high-capacity feeder, and a unique Rescan Feeder.

Engineered with various applications in mind, Falcon is available as a transportable unit, making it a perfect fit for mobile scanning operations. When fitted to the OPEX Model 72 Rapid Extraction Desk, FalconRED™ is the fastest, most efficient way to process payments, mail orders, and scan virtually any document directly from the envelope.

Other notable features include a customisable work surface and optional motorised height adjustment for maximum operator comfort. Falcon comes equipped with OPEX CertainScan™ 3.0 prep-reducing software: providing the most intuitive way to visually classify documents as they are scanned.

For more information, call +44 01204 388838: email: Slee@opex.com or visit www.opex.com.

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