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Plug and play CO2 monitor keeps your workplace safe

As offices begin to open up in the next few weeks, and safety comes to the fore, companies are being encouraged to install CO2 Monitors in the workplace.

Ventilation, in the current pandemic, is one of the most important factors in helping reduce the relative risk of the airborne transmission of COVID-19.

A report produced by Sage’s Environmental and Modelling Group (EMG), and endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), suggests that fresh air plays a significant role in keeping the virus at bay indoors, and that poor air quality could be highlighted with the use of a CO2 monitor.

In response, a UK manufactured, USB powered ‘plug and play’ CO2 monitor has been launched in 2021 to provide a cost-effective solution. The Vision CO2 Monitor helps determine if further ventilation is required by providing a clear digital readout and focuses on a bold traffic light display to indicate that further ventilation is required when it matters.

‘This CO2 monitor is particularly appropriate for offices, site cabins, and schools where there are installation constraints, facilitating a fast but reliable method of monitoring the risk of COVID transmission,’ commented Andy Green, who developed the unit.

Elevated CO2 levels not only provide an indication that airborne contaminants may be present, but they also reduce cognitive function, productivity and can have long term adverse effects on health and general wellbeing. 

‘Most buildings are naturally ventilated and rely on opening windows for fresh air, or use air recirculation systems that have been switched off, so without a CO2 monitor there is no way of knowing if spaces such as offices and classrooms are adequately ventilated,’ commented Andy Green.

‘There are a number of ‘cheap’ units available online, however these focus on gimmick displays rather than the required traffic light indication. We also offer UK support with a guaranteed supply chain if larger quantities are required.’ 

‘The Vision CO2 Monitor removes any uncertainty and provides an immediate indication that further ventilation is needed,’ he added. ‘If risk reduction for COVID is an issue in your workplace or school I strongly recommend getting in touch,’ Andy concluded.                                          

For more information visit www.vision-co2monitor.co.uk or email vision@flamefast.co.uk

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