Rawlins unleashes battery AutoVac in UK


OmniFlex Crossover Cleaner bridges the mop v scrubber-drier divide

Denis Rawlins Limited has unleashed the battery-powered OmniFlex™ AutoVac™ – a Crossover Cleaning machine designed to do the job of advanced scrubber-driers at a fraction of the cost.

The OmniFlex™ range is a modular cleaning system that allows building managers and cleaners on tight budgets to ‘cross over’ from mopping to hygienic, automated cleaning in easy and highly cost-effective steps.

Topping the OmniFlex™ range, the AutoVac combines the capabilities to, dispense, spread, clean, vacuum and remove soils in a single powerful unit.

Now the even more flexible Battery AutoVac™ version boosts productivity further – to a highly impressive 20,000ft2 (more than 2,000m2) per hour – outdoing all but the largest ride-on scrubber-driers.

Significantly, the Battery AutoVac™ also matches the more complex machines’ cleaning performance. Independent scientific tests in the US showed that the AutoVac™ and a scrubber-drier each removed more than 99% of bacteria from a contaminated floor – compared with just 24% for a microfibre mop.

“This is truly a game-changer in UK cleaning,” said James White, Managing Director of Denis Rawlins Ltd, and the man behind its ‘Chop the Mop’ campaign. “We introduced Kaivac’s OmniFlex™ crossover system to spur the evolution in cleaning. The AutoVac™, and now its battery brother, take that further. It’s revolutionary for clients who need auto-scrubbing efficiency without the cost and complexity of scrubber-driers.”

Other advantages of AutoVac™ versus Scrubber-driers:

  • AutoVac™ is easy to use as it combines the multiple steps required with a scrubber-drier in a single pass.
  • Not just cheaper up front, AutoVac™ is mechanically simple, with few moving parts, and easy to repair – slashing maintenance and unplanned costs.
  • AutoVac™ is a multi-purpose, floorcare system. It can strip and finish floors, and with accessories, it can clean toilets, extract grease and more besides.
  • Scrubber-driers can make hard floors dull by wearing them down. AutoVac™ is more gentle, except with dirt and contaminants, extending the floor’s shine.
  • Light and easy to take apart and reassemble, AutoVac™ can go anywhere – from cleaning stairs to transportation.
  • Switches between mains power cord and lithium-ion battery for ultimate flexibility.

To see the battery OmniFlex™ AutoVac™ in action, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcG98Llotyg

Denis Rawlins Ltd is UK and Ireland distributor for Kaivac, the US manufacturer of the OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning and No Touch Cleaning® systems.

Further information is available on the Denis Rawlins Limited website: www.rawlins.co.uk/autovac or contact the sales office on 0121 351 4444.


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