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Retrofit acoustic secondary glazing for a more peaceful environment

In this ever changing fast paced world, it is hard to sit and enjoy peace and quiet. Many of the buildings we use for living, studying, working and socialising were built many years ago to standards of their time, but are now unsuited to the demands of life today. The number of buildings being refurbished for new purposes, such as old breweries being converted into offices, is on the increase. The need to bring them up to modern standards is a must as many of these older buildings are thermally inefficient, draughty, noisy and insecure; all of which can be helped through the addition of secondary glazing. 

As many of the buildings being repurposed are Listed and cannot change the ineffective primary glazing, the only solution is to install secondary glazing. 

Secondary glazing is an efficient method of reducing background noise, helping create a more relaxed environment. Sound travels through a primary window by a vibration of the glass.  Adding secondary glazing forms a cavity, which reduces resonance and provides a second barrier for the noise to travel through. A sound level reduction of 45dB is possible. The results are achieved if installed 200mm from a single glazed primary window with 6mm glass. Secondary glazing can also provide effective thermal and draught insulation, and enhanced security. 

Founded in 1966, Royal Warrant Holder Selectaglaze offers noise insulation, improved building energy performance, environmental control and certified security for all building types from new builds to buildings at risk. The company offers a wide range of tested products covering acoustic and thermal performance as well as protection against intruder and blast mitigation. A free technical advisory service is offered and RIBA approved CPDs are available.

For further information, please contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271 e mail: or visit:

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