Review – Smanos Home Security Systems

The Smanos range of Wi-Fi/GMS/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm Systems distributed by Response Electronics is a perfect fit with today’s digital lifestyle.  Not only do these systems offer a host of security and alert features including; intruder detection, smoke and flood detection, but they can be remotely controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world – with NO monthly monitoring fees!

Installation is a synch – Smanos Wireless Systems and Accessories are quick and easy to install and set-up, straight from the box.  With no messy wiring required or need to re-decorate, the cutting edge designs will fit harmoniously with any style of home décor.

There’s a Smanos Alarm System for all types and sizes of properties.

This is what Smanos themselves say – We took a look at the Smanos W100 – WiFi/PSTN Alarm System ourselves and gave it a trial run.

First impressions are very good. The product looks sleek and modern unlike some other alarm system offerings which seem to have had the same design for years now. This system wouldn’t look out of place sitting next to your Apple products. Our starter kit came with a motion sensor, a door/window sensor and two remotes. You have the option to buy additional sensors and accessories to expand your system.

Installation instructions were clear and easily understood, wireless setup makes the whole process quick and smooth. We downloaded the iPhone App which worked very well also. If the alarm is tripped, the system will send a message to your phone in addition to sounding the actual alarm. You can also arm and disarm the system via your phone as well.

The alarm itself is very loud. It would certainly be enough to put off any would be intruders and it had the whole office plugging their ears.

All in all, we found the product to be excellent. Easy to set up, the ability to use a very intuitive iPhone app, a sleek design and a suitably loud alarm. If you are looking for a system to protect your office or premises, we would definitely recommend the Smanos range. Whatever your requirements, Smanos have a number of products that will ably fit the bill.

The W100 as well as further accessories can be purchased from Maplin now –

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