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When Selby Carpets, the leading flooring and carpet installation specialist, was chosen to help refurbish Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth it did so in its typically eco-friendly way.

Selby Carpets is a company that prides itself on its eco-friendly values and it aims to recycle as much waste as possible at every installation. So far, the company has sent nearly 10,000 square metres of carpet tiles, six tonnes of cardboard and over one tonne of heavy duty polythene carpet wrapping for recycling rather than landfill and the refurbishment of the Watersmeet Theatre was no exception.

The first job in the project was to help renovate the 515-seat auditorium with its unique hydraulic floor. Selby Carpets uplifted the old floor and recycled the existing carpet and carpet tiles wherever possible. The company then carried out sub-floor preparation works before supplying and installing a new heavy contract carpet to the theatre floor. The next step was to provide Fernlea carpet tiles to the reception and foyer and replace the entrance matting installing new trims where necessary.

“We are extremely pleased with the facelift that the venue has had,” said Stuart Warren, Venue Manager “Selby Carpets was extremely professional and looked after every aspect of removing and installing the flooring – with the minimum disruption and maximum speed. The fact that our old flooring has been recycled and not just gone to waste is an added bonus.”

For more details on Selby Carpets visit www.selbycarpets.co.uk or telephone 0207 739 5051.

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