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The benefits of onsite operator training on access platforms and towers

 Richard Shore, Managing Director of Mentor Training Solutions, the UK’s leading provider of access equipment and mobile plant training, explains how hosting operator courses onsite can help businesses get the most out of their training budget.

When we first float the idea of onsite training to our customers, we’re often met with the same reservations…“we just can’t spare the equipment / space / downtime in production to do it here.” But, in our experience, any concerns you might have about holding training courses at your own location are far outweighed by the benefits.

Looking at the bigger picture, not only does onsite training save time before, during and after training on co-ordination, travel, site inductions and familiarisation but, by making training far more relevant, it has a lasting positive effect on your workforce long after training has been completed.

Though our training centres are accredited, providers like ourselves can also offer the flexibility of fully accredited IPAF and PASMA training courses at our customers’ locations, which means they can benefit from the convenience of having an experienced instructor visit them onsite, without compromising on course quality.

In fact, training delegates in their regular working environment means content can be far more tailored than if it was taking place at a generic off-site facility and they can develop appropriate skills on the actual equipment they’ll be using day-to-day.

An ideal solution for the Facilities Management industry

Our experience delivering training to companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries has taught us that, to be most effective, the course needs to cater to the unique requirements of each particular sector. Facilities Management is no different.

Moving from contract to contract, operators must be quick to adapt to their new surroundings and its equipment, policies and procedures to ensure that safety is maintained. Onsite training will facilitate this process, allowing course content to be tailored to specific job roles and working environments and delegates can be advised on working safely within the bounds of the site’s unique hazards and restrictions. For example, experienced instructors will be able to provide guidance on how to complete manoeuvres at restricted heights or work around any obstacles.

For operators well into their contracts, onsite course delivery is not only more relevant, but throughout the training process they will become more comfortable and competent quicker, as they are already familiar with their equipment and surroundings. A good working knowledge of both helps put them at ease and provides one less obstacle to learning.

Last year we delivered onsite training to over 3,400 operators on IPAF courses alone, and we’re finding that providing access equipment training at customers’ locations continues to be an increasingly popular trend.

It’s a cost effective way to ensure your operators get relevant training on their access equipment, and the time saved, both in the short and long-term, can be better spent on the job and keeping your site safe and productive.

Mentor provide a range of IPAF and PASMA training courses on all heights, types and sizes of access platforms and mobile scaffold towers, at sites across the UK. For more information on how onsite training can benefit your business, please contact Mentor on 01246 555222.


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