The fastest way to measure your energy consumption

In today’s energy conscious world, we all want to do as much as we can to be as ‘green’ as possible and look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint. 

The biggest users of electrical energy in industry today are electric motors, so users need an efficient and easy method to monitor the amount of power they use. Only then can they start to effect changes, which will help reduce the amount of power they consume.

Phoenix Contact have a new range of energy meters and associated CTs that are easy to use and give small to medium business’ (SMEs) a leg up when it comes to producing simple, easy to read energy data.

The Phoenix Contact product range is very comprehensive and includes:

  • MID meters, with direct (up to 80 amps) or CT input. These come with MBus, Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU comms
  • Multifunctional energy meters with smart web server and device functions – these can be set up in less than a minute using an intuitive installation wizard. All these meters have Modbus TCP as standard, but can also include a second communication bus – either Profinet, Ethernet IP or Modbus RTU. 
  • All parameters can also be accessed using REST API, which provides easy interoperability between computer systems on the internet
  • Cloud connectable meters for connection to the Proficloud and for use with EMMA smart services.

Why choose EMMA?

In a lot of SMEs it is usually down to the electrical manager (energy manager if they have one) to make sure that the company complies with the latest energy management standards – currently ISO 50001. They may not have specialist software, and so could spend valuable time producing energy data reports by manipulating excel spreadsheets.

To make this process fast and simple Phoenix Contact have launched a range of Smart Energy Management Services called EMMA, that are accessed using their cloud connectable energy meters. EMMA stands for Energy Management, Monitoring and Analyticsand is hosted by

With EMMA you can quickly and effectively visualise Energy data and then draw conclusions. The Smart Service, which is specifically tailored to Energy Managers, offers a wide range of setting options, as well as a very simple entry into the world of data visualisation.

To gain real insights, it is possible to compare the data in a widget over time. This way you can see exactly how, for example, the consumption of machines differs on certain days of the week (Monday and Monday in the previous week or similar). You can optimise your processes and always have expert, tangible knowledge of your plant. 

The Smart Service is developed in close communication with actual users to make sure it adds value for you.

The EMMA Service provides a plethora of visualisation options to help you understand energy data beautifully:

  • Feature set of 8 visualization options including statistical values
  • Flexible range of functions in the field of energy and power data visualization
  • Highly intuitive user-guidance
  • Energy Bar charts / Energy Pie charts / Energy Pareto charts / Power Line charts

Your benefits:

  • Saves time and improves workflows through remote monitoring and easy-to-understand dashboards that visualise your energy and power data
  • Make quicker decisions: Benefit from tailored visualisation options for energy and power data analysis and evaluation
  • Enables you to work remotely: View energy data from anywhere at anytime

For more information, visit our website:

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