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The New True Digital Fire Logbook for the UK

The paper fire logbook, a critical link in the safety of millions of UK buildings, occupants and residents has been updated and made fit for the current and future requirements and responsibilities of fire safety, facilities maintenance and compliance professionals, with the launch of Tio’s digital fire logbook.  

AS DIGITAL building passports, and standards such as BS8644 arrive to deliver a safer built environment, it’s obvious to many in the fire, safety and premises world that the paper logbook is far from ready for the future. The logbook is still vital, it can be used to prove compliance of non-compliance, so if it’s lost, incomplete or inaccurate as many paper logbooks are there is a major gap in safety and real risk.  

Cloud-based and accessed via mobile and desktop apps, Tio’s true digital fire logbook is permitted under BS5839-1 and is a world first, built specifically for national requirements by UK industry experts. To reduce barriers to best practice, it is priced to replace paper and includes in one place many logbooks, from fire and emergency lighting to electrical safety and security. Tio will also quickly convert paper logbooks to digital.  

Tio is quick to set up and easy to use for all parties and solves a multitude of issues. It radically improves safety, relationships and compliance for all parties, including the building occupier, service provider, risk assessor, installer, commissioning engineer and emergency services.  

Tio’s logbook includes: a compliance task manager that automatically schedules and tracks tasks for service providers, building occupiers and risk assessors; guidance and dynamic workflows to help non-specialist staff complete jobs such as weekly tests; linked asset registers; design variances, a false alarm and activation tracker; fire visitor logbook; key contacts; ARC connections; and 1GB of digital document storage. Users benefit from a performance and compliance dashboard, permitting oversight and management from a single site to aggregated data across vast portfolios of properties. Instead of paper documents in a cabinet at the building entrance a QR code can be displayed, giving secure access to the logbook to all permitted individuals and organisations. The logbook can be printed or shared digitally as required.  

Jason Hill, sales manager for Tio Fire Safety said: “We call our product the true digital fire logbook because, while other products do call themselves logbooks, they are in reality limited, one-way customer portals or engineer tools, not genuine improvements on the paper logbook and document box, that permit contributions from all stakeholders.  

“At Tio, we believe that fire safety, compliance and maintenance are better achieved through clear communication and efficient management of tasks, assets and responsibilities across many teams and parties. A digital record is becoming essential for accountability and best practice. The logbook can be used independently, combined with our own asset management suite, or integrated with a growing number of fire and safety software providers.’  

Tio is the the digital fire and safety records company, created and staffed by UK fire and safety industry experts from estates managers and OEMs to service and maintenance engineers, ensuring its products are fast, efficient and solve customer problems while improving building safety. For more information, for demos or to quickly convert your paper records, contact www.tiofiresafety.com.  

Web: www.tiofiresafety.com  

Email: sales@tiofiresafety.com  

Tel: 0117 435 0130 

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