Tinytag Data Loggers: Simple and reliable technology that works

Gemini Data Loggers have been manufacturing data loggers for 35 years, and during that time production has been driven by the same manufacturing ethos: building simple and reliable data loggers that get the job done.

Meeting energy efficiency and zero-carbon targets means gathering reliable and accurate data to inform operational and infrastructural changes. Disrupted WiFi, Bluetooth and data connections can lead to gaps in your data which compromise your ability to make big energy savings and improve the efficiency of your building.

Tinytag data loggers use simple and robust technology that prioritises your data over high-tech capabilities. Continuous data monitoring using Tinytags will identify where, when and how energy is used across a building, enabling you to make targeted decisions that reduce energy consumption, increase productivity and improve the health of occupants.

Data loggers in the Tinytag range monitor temperature, relative humidity, energy usage, CO2, voltage, current and count. Their compact and unobtrusive design makes them ideal for indoor monitoring. Long battery-life and non-volatile storage keeps your data safe, and alarms can be set up to alert you when readings fall out of your desired range, allowing problems to be quickly identified. Tinytags can be used on their own or to complement existing Building Management Systems.

Common applications include:

  • Monitoring the performance of HVAC equipment, building materials and building equipment (e.g. boilers)
  • Monitoring energy use and efficiency in domestic builds e.g. for fuel-poverty impact surveys
  • Indoor Air Quality monitoring in offices, public buildings and building projects
  • Assessing before and after performance of replacement lighting systems
  • Temperature management in the Cold Chain

Evolution, not Revolution

The Tinytag range has expanded over the years, but even the more sophisticated Tinytag data logging systems, like the Tinytag Connect, prioritise simplicity and ease of use.

Tinytag data loggers have USB, Radio or LAN connectivity, meaning that there is a Tinytag that will fit the requirements of your application.

USB data loggers are standalone, making them a non-invasive solution for monitoring projects. They are kept in place until the end of the recording period when data is offloaded onto a PC via a USB cable, requiring minimum human interference.

Radio and LAN data loggers offer a solution for projects with multiple monitoring points or when data needs to be viewed immediately and centrally. They can be mixed and matched together to suit infrastructure requirements. Upon set-up, Radio and LAN data loggers auto-configure into a network, making set-up easy and fuss-free, and allowing you to start gathering data immediately.

In the drive towards smart buildings and energy efficiency, sometimes it is simplicity that is the smart option: with Tinytags, you know you’ll get the data you need to cut energy consumption and cut cost.

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