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powerstar2Buildings with their own transformers can now achieve greater energy savings than ever before thanks to the latest technology from market leading voltage optimisation manufacturer EMSc (UK) Ltd, with the revolutionary Powerstar – HV MAX. Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director, explains …

 Voltage optimisation is a well established and highly effective energy-saving technology that should form part of every organisation’s energy reduction strategy. A system, fitted in series with the mains electricity supply, ensures that a site only receives and pays for the voltage that it needs and uses – generally around the 220V, which is optimum for EU electrical equipment, instead of the average 242V supplied by the National Grid.

As the leading innovator in the field and the only voltage optimisation manufacturer with a patent on its design, British company Powerstar has been delivering savings to the public and private sectors for over 13 years. Its market leading and unique system not only provides substantial financial savings averaging 12% – 15% with a typical payback of two to three years – it also reduces carbon emissions, extends the life of electrical equipment which can be damaged by peaks and troughs in power supply and tackles poor power quality issues.

Expertise and Experience

Both the private and public sector, including Government, local authorities, hospitals, schools and colleges throughout the UK have benefited from guaranteed savings with the installation of Powerstar systems. All of which have demonstrated a 100% safety, security and reliability track record.London City Hall, is just one of many flagship buildings to reap the benefits of a Powerstar voltage optimisation unit which is providing the Greater London Authority with energy savings of 13.6%.

Sheffield Hallam University has experienced an even greater reduction in energy spend –  approximately 16% – in its student union since installing a Powerstar system. The unit has also removed high levels of harmonics (electrical noise) from the supply and there has been a welcomed 75% reduction in the failure of light tubes. The reduction in maintenance costs plus energy savings have provided the University with a payback of just over one year.

Hospitals are well-placed to benefit from the advantages offered by Powerstar voltage optimisation systems as several NHS Trusts, including Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust have discovered.

Critical hospital equipment and high night loads mean that it is absolutely essential that voltage is supplied at a constant level, regardless of how unstable the incoming voltage.  Powerstar MAX has been designed for exactly this situation. It is an electronic-dynamic system which uses intelligent electronic controls to automatically ensure consistency of supply. Installation is simple, quick and non-disruptive.


MAX savings

The latest innovation in the Powerstar range is Powerstar HV MAX, which combines the electro-dynamic voltage optimisation technology of Powerstar MAX with a super-efficient transformer. This is the world’s first high voltage electronic variable solution, developed after years of market research.

Designed for businesses that operate their own transformers, Powerstar HV MAX was the first fully electronically variable High Voltage (HV) transformer in the world, The Powerstar HV MAX system takes 11,000V/22,000V/33,000V input and provides a fully electronically regulated 380 (or user-defined) voltage. The user can also alter the defined voltage locally through HMI on site or remotely via the internet, as all the units are IP addressable, through BMS (ModBus) or through GPRS (remote access).

Powerstar HV MAX allows sites with their own transformers to take voltage optimisation one step further by optimising a building’s voltage supply on the high voltage side before it even enters a building.

Depending on the age and type of the HV transformer that is already installed on site, a Powerstar HV MAX system, will provide between 3%-10% savings, just from replacement of the HV distribution transformer, with the more efficient super low loss amorphous core transformer used with the HV MAX. Coupled with the integrated voltage optimisation technology, which will offer a further 12%-15% savings, sites can expect to achieve average savings of 17% from installation of a Powerstar HV MAX.

The super low-loss transformer has an amorphous core, which delivers savings of up to 75% when compared with conventional transformers as they contain a core of cold rolled grain oriented steel. Integrated voltage optimisation technology provides a combined solution of replacing an inefficient transformer and optimising site voltage, resulting in substantial energy savings that average 17%.

Powerstar HV MAX can replace a building’s existing transformer or be installed in new building developments and incorporates a monitoring facility, enabling organisations to identify where further energy savings can be made. It can be installed in four to six hours without touching the on-site supply and adapted for inside or outside installations. Powerstar has no moving parts so maintenance is minimal and all systems come with a 15-year warranty.


Guaranteed savings

All sites have different voltage needs and this is why Powerstar carries out a free and comprehensive on-site assessment before recommending the most appropriate system and agreeing a guaranteed level of savings.

Voltage optimisation systems are a ‘fit and forget’ technology which provide savings at source and can be used in conjunction with all other energy-saving measures such as lighting controls and photovoltaic panels. With the arrival of HV MAX offering more options than ever, doesn’t it make sense to find out how much you could be saving?

Powerstar HV MAX is part of the Powerstar range, which has been manufactured by EMSc (UK) Ltd, entirely in the UK for over 13 years. The company also conducts all its research, development and sourcing in the UK and has been accredited with the prestigious Made in Sheffield accolade. The Yorkshire-based company has successfully expanded into international markets with subsidiaries in Australia and Cyprus. It has distributors in a number of countries, including Germany, Austria, Spain, UAE and South Africa.


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