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TREMCO system specified to reseal penguin playground

A contractor specialising in concrete repairs and structural waterproofing has employed fully compatible products from the tremco illbruck range to reseal parts of the penguin enclosure that attracts many thousands of visitors to The Deep in Hull every year.

The very challenging work within The Kingdom of Ice penguin enclosure was carried out November 2017 by local company BOSA Contracts. The fast-track installation had to be completed under careful monitoring of ambient conditions due to high humidity levels prompting the tremco illbruck area technical manager to make several site visits, advising on system selection. As well as the humid atmosphere, TREMCO ES100 One Coat Universal DPM was also chosen to avoid causing any deterioration of the fibreglass substrate.

Over a two week period, BOSA Contracts’ highly experienced team of operatives grit-blasted the fibreglass pool and surrounds to remove the original coating which had faded and was flaking off. Some 160 square metres of TREMCO ES100 was applied and then blinded with TREMCO CP507 Medium Sand while it remained tacky. Two coats of the TREMCO CP900 Dry/Chem Sealer, pigmented bright white, were then applied to provide a highly resilient surface resembling ice.

Steve Renner, Director of BOSA Contracts, commented: “We have done work at The Deep in the past, but this project was made challenging not just by the conditions, including the high humidity, but also because of the time pressure: the penguins having had to be moved out and the attraction shut down for the duration of the work.

“We have been using tremco illbruck products for over 15 years now and have always had very good service from the company. We chose to go with the ES100 and other materials in the Kingdom of Ice because we had experience of these on other jobs where we have been pleased with the ease of application and efficient curing time.”

Also available in grey, blue, red and green, TREMCO CP900 is frequently specified for projects such as car parks, industrial flooring, balconies, walkways and fountains. It is a two-part product which involves the mixing of an initiator, while it can be applied in temperatures down to -100 Centigrade.

BOSA Contracts completed the work on schedule allowing The Kingdom of Ice’s pool to be refilled and the attraction reopened to the public in time for the school Christmas holidays.

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