Vectair Systems launches the stylish newEcoShell® non-aerosol, non-programmable air freshener – bringing locations ‘out of their shell’

Famous global aircare manufacturer Vectair Systems has launched Ecoshell®, its latest non-aerosol air freshener utilising ‘clip and go, clip and throw™’ technology.  Powered by natural airflow, the unique shell design is not only visually attractive but it serves a powerful purpose – to provide a large surface area for superior scent delivery, with curved vents and internal slats for better distribution of fragrance. 

Its stylish, high-end design means that Ecoshell® can be used in a variety of different locations and in different ways, using scent to bring environments ‘out of their shell’. This includes hotel bedrooms, offices, washrooms and homes. The design is protected which means it is truly one of a kind.

Ecoshell® is particularly effective when placed onto or near to an air conditioning vent, which further propels fragrance into the atmosphere. Similarly, Ecoshell® can be attached to a floor fan, where the increase in airflow will really bring the air freshener to life. 

A really cool and useful feature of Ecoshell® is that it can be fitted quickly and easily to almost any surface using either a clip or a sticky pad. Once Ecoshell® has been installed, the user simply replaces the dispenser with a brand new version using the same fixing. Ecoshell® is safe and simple to install, especially in small areas like toilet cubicles, with no tricky settings to programme.

Customers can choose from three fine fragrances:

  • Sea Salt and Bamboo – the freshness of crunchy sea salt is wrapped in oceanic and marine notes to transport you to the seashore.
  • Bergamot and Sandalwood – fresh top notes of citrus lemon with a woody base make this an alluring aroma.
  • Kiwi and Grapefruit – tangy and fruity blend combines to release a zesty and vibrant fragrance with a hint of musk.

Fragrances co-ordinate with other products from Vectair Systems, to truly harmonise the environment.

Paul Wonnacott, Managing Director at Vectair Systems says: “We went that extra mile to create an appealing air freshener design in the form of Ecoshell®, opening up new opportunities for Vectair fragrances outside of the washroom.

Having two fitting options really increases its range of use, and we are excited to see its potential amongst the away-from-home aircare market. I’m sure there are applications that even we haven’t thought of!”

Economical to run and environmentally-friendly with no batteries to change, Ecoshell® is strong on fragrance impact. For more information, contact Vectair Systems or visit

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