World Water Day

Since 1993 on March 22nd World Water Day has brought focus to the importance of fresh water and the sustainable management of fresh water sources with changing themes each year; this year it’s ‘water and jobs’.

Vivreau, a global leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water systems, understands the importance of hydration in the workplace.

There are many benefits of ensuring staff are hydrated at work, including improved concentration and combating fatigue among many other physical benefits, which can improve overall health in the workplace.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director at Vivreau explains: “Hydration can be easily overlooked in the workplace. However, having a hydrated and healthy workforce can improve overall productivity. Facilities managers play an integral role when it comes to deciding how water is made available, making it accessible and appealing.”

Dehydration in the workplace is not uncommon in the UK and can result in staff suffering from headaches, fatigue, dizziness and many other unpleasant symptoms, all of which can have an impact on health, productivity and even personal safety at work. Research has shown that losing just 2% of water from your body (on average consisting of 60%) can reduce cognitive (mental) performance. Therefore, it is in every employers’ interest to ensure that staff are well hydrated and that is where building and facilities managers can really make a difference.

To avoid dehydration in the workplace, Vivreau suggests the following top four hydration tips:

  1. Ensure that water is readily available in hot and dry environments – dehydration is often caused by temperature control systems speeding up moisture evaporation.
  2. Drink fluids cooler than room temperature – water is the healthiest way to hydrate in comparison to other drinks, as it contains no calories or sugar.
  3. Encourage staff to drink at regular intervals throughout the day, regulating hydration levels, allowing for one glass of water for every cup of tea or coffee.
  4.  Offer fruit for staff to infuse still water and offer sparkling water for those who may need some encouragement.

Whilst it is perfectly safe to drink tap water in the UK, many consider filtered water to contain fewer impurities, especially in some parts of the UK which have ‘hard’ water that can be unpleasant to drink, whilst others simply prefer the taste of filtered water.

However, drinking bottled water is not without consequences, the UK spends over £2billion a year on bottled water; getting through approximately 15 million plastic bottles a day.

LA has recently made a bold decision which could pave the way for the future of sustainable hydration, introducing a ban on plastic water bottles in the city. Using plastic bottles increases carbon footprint up to 30 times more than tap water and costs up to 500 times more; there has therefore never been a better time to make significant changes in how water is made available.

Sustainability is at the core of Vivreau’s ethos and with it innovative and sustainable products, Vivreau has helped many organisations reduce their carbon footprint whilst promoting a healthier workplace.

One sustainable solution to making purified water readily available to all staff is the Vi tap from Vivreau. The Vi tap dispenses mains-fed purified chilled still, sparkling and instant boiling hot water from one single tap with a touch sensor control and zero splash. The sparkling option is perfect for those who consider water to be a dull beverage.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director at Vivreau explains: Awareness surrounding the importance of employee wellbeing and personal health in the workplace continues to grow. The Vi tap is one of many sustainable solutions we offer to keep staff hydrated and healthy. Providing the option of still or sparking also makes staying hydrated more appealing.

Springer Nature a leading global research, educational and professional publishers installed one Table Water Bottling System and 30 Vi tap systems throughout their UK headquarters in London.

John Haskell, Contracts Manager at Springer Nature commented: “I would say that the Vi tap system is one of the most used items of equipment that we have on the premises. With the proximity of the Vi tap, staff are constantly topping up their bottles and taking them back to their desks, so they rehydrate on a regular basis.”

Keeping staff hydrated can be key to health and productivity in the workplace and ensuring that water is readily available is a fantastic way to encourage staff to stay healthy in your facility.

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