World Water Week: Vivreau’s Call to Action for Sustainable Water Policies

This year’s World Water Week takes place on 28 August – 02 September 2016 with key experts from across the globe heading to Stockholm to discuss the world’s water issue.

In time for this important event, Vivreau, a global leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water systems, has compiled its top tips for businesses to create sustainable water policies.

Sustainability is at the core of Vivreau’s ethos, with reducing water miles a key objective for Vivreau and its clients.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director at Vivreau comments: “Sustainable growth is high on the agenda for many business leaders. For World Water Week 2016, we call on all businesses to develop an ethical approach to water, ensuring water policy doesn’t harm the environment but instead promotes an exemplary commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Vivreau’s top tips include:

  1. Reusable bottles. Although recycling facilities are available, re-using will always be more efficient than recycling and will provide an immediate and dramatic impact on carbon footprint.
  2. Reduce water miles. Consider where your manufacturer is based in order to reduce the number of miles taken to deliver your water and minimise CO2 emissions.
  3. Instant boiling water. Millions of litres of water are wasted in offices across the globe when kettles are filled to the brim unnecessarily. Instead, consider a system which provides instant boiling water so that only what is needed is used.
  4. Reduce your chiller units. Investing in one central chiller unit instead of multiple individual units around the building can be up to 45% more cost effective and up to 55% more energy efficient.
  5. Get staff buy-in. Communicate to staff the positive implications of your company’s approach to workplace hydration. Staff pride in working for an environmentally friendly firm will increase, which will in turn improve the company’s reputation and CSR credentials.

Many facilities managers have decided to invest in Vivreau’s products in order to make these top tips a reality.

The products suit a range of business settings, including the care sector. Lindsay Forrest, site facilities manager for Jewish Care, partnered with Vivreau and invested in 21 Vi tap drinking water systems across seven of its care homes. The Vi tap dispenses mains-fed purified chilled still, sparkling and instant boiling hot water from one single tap with a touch sensor control and zero splash. She explains: “You have considerable challenges with environmental policy for a care home. As people get older they do require more heating which uses up more energy than your average home would. We have to have certain levels of lighting for people with dementia and visual impairment.

“We now have no deliveries of bottles of water coming in, therefore no wasted plastic or glass. With the Vi tap, the correct amount of water is dispensed; we are no longer wasting energy by boiling more water than we need or having to run the tap to wait for it to get cold.

“The Vi tap helps compensate the extra heating and lighting we need to provide for our residents – it helps relieve our environmental impact without compromising the wellbeing of our residents.”

Sustainable water is increasingly a demand in the hospitality sector. Jonathan Minshull, Head of Catering Operations for Taste Manchester wanted to meet the changing expectations of conference delegates. He decided to invest in a Vivreau Table Water Bottling System for its conference facilities and a Vi tap in its new café area, Vasaio. The mains-fed Table Water Bottling System, which dispenses unlimited quantities of purified filtered chilled still and sparkling water in-house, that can be served in branded reusable Designer glass bottles. Jonathan explains: “The expectation of conference delegates has increased and they now expect to be offered filtered water. Being able to offer the Table Water Bottling System as part of our conference package has been a big plus for us. We have also improved the offer for our conference delegates as the system looks more professional than the plastic bottles that we previously offered.”

Moreover, the Swan at Streatley hotel has the Table Water Bottling System and the Vi tap Plus. General Manager Michael Westenbrink, says: “We wanted to widen our offering for our customers, and provide an alternative to bottled water. Vivreau was coming on to the market, so we tested the system, thought it was a great quality offering and decided to use it. The impact on deliveries is substantial – we’ve now gone a step further and don’t have any bottled water on site at all.”

Vivreau was founded in the late 1980s as a family business. Vivreau has established its position as a global market leader by providing the highest quality mains-fed drinking water dispensers and consistently excellent service.

Today, Vivreau is part of the Brita Group and continues to lead the way with new technology, improved water filtration and product development accommodating a range of drinking water dispensers unrivalled across the world.

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