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Building automation can improve our lives

With the fast-growing world of IoT (Internet of Things) building owners, operators and occupants are realising the impact a smart building can have in terms of productivity, energy savings, security and more. The integration of a smart building can be complex with many systems acting alone such as heating, pumps, fire alarms, chiller plants and control systems. They are becoming smarter, but it doesn’t address the problem of what can we do with all that data.

Phoenix Contact is a global market leader and innovator in the field of electrical engineering. Still a family-owned German business with many years of comprehensive skill set, Phoenix Contact provides the solution to which your building solutions can thrive upon.

The ILC 2050 BI Controller was designed to improve smart buildings installation and commissioning times. The software of the controller also compliments this. The software is based on Tridium’s Niagara framework, developed to provide integration of the standalone systems. In addition, it allows the data to be collected at a single focal point, focusing on analysis, to improve performance within the building as well as its occupants.

With a design width of just 80mm Phoenix Contact’s controller is the solution to make your building “Smart”. With this design you can install the controller in any small panel.

The Input/Output terminals are a little over 10mm per terminal. Some of the technical advantages of using the ILC 2050 BI are:

  1. Connect up to 63 terminals directly
  2. Reduce your time & costs in commissioning 
  3. Support your application using our extensive couplers 
  4. Improve your security by isolating your building network
  5. Easy identification with colour coded modules 

How does the ILC 2050 Niagara based Controller achieve Smart Design?

The controller has many options of integrating and streamlining customer requirements. For example, imagine you are designing a solution that has multiple protocols; protocols such as DALI, DALI2, M-Bus, MP-Bus, BACnet. The controller supports this natively via its direct connection to the many protocols that otherwise would have had to have some gateway or third-party device to integrate into the Niagara Platform. This not only helps working with a single manufacturer but also improves system stability and point of failure. Additional point of failure can occur if using third party IO solutions via Modbus, to be cost effective.

Phoenix Contact also offers a software called Project+.  The software overcomes challenges faced in engineering projects such as having a part number missed or incorrectly entered. How about power supply to use? Many of these challenges we face in today’s world, Project+ can help!

Want to know more?  Visit our website to book a demo:  https://phoe.co/ILC2050-uk

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