Evoke Lighting and Cucumber Lighting Controls Collaborate to Illuminate Aspen Pumps

Evoke Lighting, led by Neil Collins, and Cucumber Lighting Controls, under the guidance of Mark King, have united their expertise to brighten the facilities of Aspen Pumps, a leading player in the HVAC industry. This collaboration highlights a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge lighting solutions and user-friendly control systems, resulting in increased efficiency, lowered energy expenses, and a well-lit work environment.

During discussions with the Cucumber Lighting Controls team, Aspen Pumps expressed interest in transitioning to LED lighting, echoing the desires of many clients to shift from outdated, energy-draining lamps to modern LED luminaires. Recognising Evoke Lighting’s proficiency in lighting solutions, Cucumber Lighting Controls promptly recommended their partnership. A joint on-site meeting involving all three companies was convened to chart the optimal path forward.

Evoke and Cucumber Lighting Controls seamlessly pooled their expertise to create a tailored lighting scheme aligned with Aspen Pumps’ specifications. Simultaneously, Cucumber Lighting Controls devised a control solution to ensure efficient lighting usage across office and industrial spaces.

Richard Greenfield, Aspen Pumps’ facilities manager, praised the collaborative endeavour, remarking: “The lighting and lighting control upgrade spearheaded by Neil and his team, in collaboration with Cucumber Lighting Controls, has revolutionised our workspace. We are thrilled with the outcome and the notable enhancements in lighting quality and energy efficiency.”

The partnership between Evoke Lighting and Cucumber Lighting Controls extends beyond mere illumination; it embodies a dedication to innovation, sustainability, and client focus. Through their joint efforts, they have not only delivered Aspen Pumps with a superior lighting solution but have also established a standard for forthcoming projects.

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