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Jung Pumpen Sewage Lifting Stations

In the course of their activities Building Facilities Managers will almost certainly come into contact with Compli Sewage lifting stations manufactured in Germany by Jung Pumpen.

Within the industry these are seen as the benchmark floor mounted sewage pumping solution for commercial buildings.

Pump Technology Ltd, based in Berkshire, are authorised by Jung Pumpen GmbH and working directly with Germany are now the largest stockist and supplier of these products in the UK.

Over many years, Compli sewage pumping stations have proved to be robust and reliable, as well as easy to inspect and maintain.  Additionally, replacement components are readily available if required.

When purchased, the Compli is supplied with external valves – a sluice valve for the inlet and a gate valve for the discharge side of the pump. The installation can also include a hand pump so that any waste in the bottom of the collecting tank can be quickly pumped away.

To increase durability, the pumps and the non-return valves are mounted onto a steel plate, not direct onto the Polyethylene tank. This means that these items can be removed and replaced endless times over the whole life of the pumping system without the fixings becoming damaged.  All replacement parts and spares are available for next day delivery from the Pump Technology Ltd stores.

The Compli is available in a number of different configurations – single pump, or twin pump (for duty standby), plus a cutter option, again both single and twin pump. The Compli MC (Multi Cut) is used when there is a high head discharge requirement or only small-bore discharge pipe work can be used.

Common Jung Pumpen Sewage Lifting stations: –

All the Compli models are clearly identified with a steel name plate; if however this plate is unreadable or removed, Pump Technology Ltd’s team of experts can quickly identify the model and ensure that the correct replacement parts are quickly dispatched. 

The Jung Pumpen website www.jung-pumps.co.uk provides a full breakdown of spares required for any repair.

The company will always advise or check with customers at time of order to ensure that they have all of the parts required to complete the maintenance task in one visit.

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